JewQ Competition

What is JewQ?

JewQ is the latest and hottest International Torah Competition where children learn and get tested on basic concepts in Judaism. 

With the Living Jewish JewQ Handbook, children are becoming experts in the fundamentals of Judaism with other children from around the world.They learn about prayers, Mitzvot, Jewish history, and more, with all the content gamified and personalized to engage the students on their level. After passing initial tests, the children compete in a series of local and regional championships, with the winners progressing to the JewQ International Championship.

All participants are rewarded locally with a day of fun and games featuring a grand trip and culminating in a local championship celebration where each child has a chance to showcase all they’ve accomplished in front of friends and family.

Children not attending Hebrew School can also join the JewQ competition. The program motivates children to learn by themselves. 

How it works


Each grade is assigned a different chapter. Prayers, holidays, Jewish heroes — What material will you master?


JewQ’s online GameZone is as fun as it is educational. Knowledge becomes second nature with practice, practice, practice.


3 tests, taken at Hebrew school or online, check how well you measure up. Get a qualifying score and you’ll be rewarded!


​Qualify as a JewQ Champion and participate in the local and international championships Ready to be a star?

More Details

  • JewQ is for children Grades 3 through 8 and will run from Oct 23  – Feb 19 2023.

    ●      Each grade has specific information to learn from the Living Jewish Handbook.

    ●      Each child will be given 3 tests during this time to keep them motivated and ascertain their level.

  • If a child gets et more than 80% on a test they automatically receive a prize 

    ●      There is on average 5 short pages of information to learn each week. Each child should spend approximately 15-30 minutes a week mastering this information and there are many online games to play to help study and revise
  •   Those who score an average of 70% through all 3 tests will join other Jewish children in the Bay area for an exciting grand trip as well as being eligible to join the International Shabbaton in NYC. Prizes are also awarded to top scorers from each grade.


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