Aleph Champ Reading Homework


Review is integral to every successful reading program - as we all know, practice makes perfect. Students are assigned weekly homework for Hebrew Reading and occasionaly from other subjects which would be sent home ond be made available on the dashboard.

Download homework for your child by clicking on the link below corresponding to their Aleph Champ level. Upon completion of the homework, please fill in the homework form available through the link.

Your child will earn $10 Mitzvah Money for each day that reading review homework is done.

For example, if your child has passed the Red level and is currently working toward their Orange medallion, then their homework will be 'Level Orange'.

Step 1: Have your child read the warm up sheet aloud. We have created a 'parents’ edition of the warm up sheet to assist you when reviewing with your child.

Step 2: Click on the “Reader” section to access the pages assigned to your child by their Aleph Champ Morah - they were noted on your child's homework sticker. Have your child read the pages.

Step 3: Fill out the homework form for each day your child does their assigned homework (Sunday - Thursday).



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