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Pay only $180 for 2 credits! (Worth $2,000)

What's CteenU?

The course is being offered by CTeen U: a collaboration of Yeshiva University and CTeen International. Yeshiva University is the world’s premier institution for higher education in NYC. It is home to a network of undergraduate and graduate programs. The undergraduate programs offer a unique dual curriculum comprising Jewish studies and liberal arts, sciences, and business courses.

CTeen, the Chabad Teen Network, is the fastest growing network of Jewish teens, with over 500 chapters in 37 countries and 6 continents.

Yeshiva University and CTeen have carefully curated a course that will appeal to Jewish high school students from any background. No previous Judaic knowledge is required.

CTeen U’s relevant and engaging curriculum on the tenets of Judaism cultivates a strong sense of purpose and Jewish identity. Formulated to be relevant, interesting, and even fun, the class is something that the students will actually look forward to.

Once a week, CTeen U students will meet in person or online. A small class setting will make it possible for the instructor to get to know each student, as well as for the students to study and bond with each other.

The teens will be encouraged to ask questions and make their knowledge personal.

Yeshiva University credits have been accepted to many different colleges throughout the country, including highly selective schools, state colleges, liberal arts colleges, public flagships, specialized programs, and many more.

The course is available to 9th graders and up. Classes will be held once a week for 14 weeks, starting Fall 2023. See Schedule

If you are interested in finding out more, and signing up.

Please visit Cteenu.com or email Director@jewishkids.club 


What is the course?

The course is a Jewish studies overview presented by Rabbi Mendy and his team, with an online review on the Yeshiva University Portal.

What is the course length?

14 sessions of 1 hour each.

What if there's no need for any credits?

You can still take the course for only $180. And if you are having any financial constraints, we can get you a scholarship. 

Are there age requirements?

The program is for students in 9th grade and up.

What category subjects are these credits counted towards?

These would count as “elective credits” in another college. All students have to fulfill a quota of elective credits in order to graduate.

What topics does the course cover?

  • Land for Peace
  • History of the West Bank
  • IDF Culture
  • Israel and the UN
  • Anti-Israel vs. Anti-Jewish
  • The Jewish State
  • The Start Up Nation
  • The Chosen City of Jerusalem

See a complete list here https://www.cteenu.com/israelandme 

How are grades determined?

Grades will be determined as follows: Attendance: 30%, Midterm: 35%, Final: 35%. A final grade of D is the minimum required to receive credit.

​Is there coursework?

After each lesson, follow up assignments will be submitted online. There is no homework.

​What is the admission process?

Applicants must first fill out the application  form. Those accepted will receive direct correspondence from Yeshiva University with instructions regarding how to apply to be a non-matriculated student of the university. Once completed you will receive your Yeshiva University ID# and information related to the online course.

Will all schools accept these credits?

Yeshiva University credits have been accepted to many different colleges throughout the country, including highly selective schools, liberal arts colleges, public flagships, specialized programs, and many more , such as: Baruch College, Binghamton University, Brandeis University, Brown University, Cal Arts California State University Collin College Northridge (CSUN) FIT Florida State University George Mason University Georgia State University Grand Valley University Harvard University Indiana University Kennesaw University Lehigh University Loyola University Michigan State University Monmouth University Northeastern University Northwestern University Nova Community College NYIT NYU Ohio State University Oklahoma State University Penn State University Purdue University Rhode Island School of Art and Design Ringling College Of Art And Design Rutgers University Seton Hall St. John’s University State College of Florida Stony Brook University Temple University Towson University Tulane University University of  Central Florida University of  Florida University of  South Florida University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Iowa University of Kentucky University of Louisville University of Nebraska-Lincoln University of North Texas University of Texas at Dallas University of Virginia University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee University of Wisconsin- Madison Wayne State University William Patterson University University of Virginia Virginia Tech University Yale University

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